Terms et conditions

C.O.D and Net 30 Account
- Customers with the privilege of a net 30-days account who do not pay in due time may be charged up to 18% interest. 
- Accounts with payment terms are not eligible to be paid by credit card, only payments by check or cash will be accepted. In the event that only credit card payment is possible, an additional 5% fee will apply.
- A 35$ fee will be charged for any checks that must be redeposited and a 50$ fee will be charged for any checks that will be returned by the bank due to lack of funds or any other reasons.

Order Add on
- All orders are executed at the time of receipt, thus, additions to orders may be received and processed as a new order and charges may be applied

- In order for your order to be processed and expedited the same day, the orders must have been received by email, fax or phone before 14h to guarantee the same day shipping. However, some ‘’out of the ordinary course’’ type of orders may, under certain circumstances, be shipped the next day, even if it was received before 2pm. 
- In the circumstance where the buyer wishes to use his carrier, CMA disclaims all liability, including but not limited to breakage and delays, and this, at the moment the goods leave our warehouse 
- CMA is under no circumstances responsible for delivery delays due to the carrier and therefore offers no credit or compensation in these circumstances.

Damage and reimbursement
- Damaged received products containing detachable parts will not be replaced in full, only the detachable parts will be replaced at no cost including transportation. The buyer is responsible for changing the damaged part. In the event that the purchaser desires a complete replacement, the shipping fees for the replacement, the shipping fees for the return of the original product and the replacement item will be at the expense of the buyer.
- Damaged items must be declared within a maximum of 48 hours after receipt of the order, the claim must be accompanied by a photo of the defective product.
- Any damaged package must be opened and checked in the presence of the carrier so that everything is noted on the carrier's delivery note. In the event that the package is not opened with the carrier and / or doesn’t appear on the receipt, it will be impossible to claim the breakage and we therefore release our self from any responsibility and no refund will be possible.
- Refunds for breakage will only  include the defective item but exclude any customization or other charges incurred by the customer
- Defective items must be returned within a maximum of 30 days, if the return is not made within the requested period, the buyer may not receive it’s refund.

Warranty and Responsibility
- The sizes and dimensions of the products are approximate and can  slightly vary.
- Unless otherwise stated, we reserve the right to use the products and / or photos of customized or custom-made products in certain advertisements, in catalogs or in exhibitions.
- CMA is discharged from any liability of body injury, material or other direct or indirect, suffered by the buyer or by the end user. CMA is therefore only liable for the replacement of defective products without giving rise to any compensation.
- Our price are may increases at any given moment without previous notice.

Free Freight
- CMA offers free shipping for orders of $ 1,000 or more or 5% discount for customers who prefer to pickup their order at their local warehouse.
 - Orders containing backorder items will not be taken into consideration to reach the sum of $ 1000. 
- Products in liquidation or discounted can not be included in the free freight program. 
- The free freight program is not applicable for customers with delinquent  term accounts.
Minimum Order
- All orders must have a minimum value of 25$, otherwise a handling fee of $ 15 will automatically be charged. 
- For all new customers, a minimum order of 100$ must be made in order to activate the account.

Order Return
- Any return of goods must be done within a maximum of 30 days - Orders being returned for reasons other than being damaged will be charged a restocking fee of $ 30 for orders of 150$ or less or 20% for orders of 151$ or more

Operation hours
- The hours of operation of the customer service is 8h30 to 17h
- The hours of operation of the warehouse is  8h30 to 12h and 13h to 16h30